Running around downtown — Atlanta

1/13/17 @Centennial Olympic Park:

While we were taking pictures in the park, one drunken (it was only 9 am) man walked up to us and asked: “So you ladies from the real Asia?”

Nope, we from the fake Asia and you are scaring us so we are going to walk away, really fast.


@ Georgia Aquarium:

It was very spacious and full of fun exhibitions. I managed to touch some of the squishy sea animals in the touch pool but my friend enjoyed it a lot.

Pictures include (from left to right, top to bottom)

1 Sea dragon; 2+3 two gigantic manta rays; 4 a photo at the right moment; 5 whale shark; 6+7; 8 +9 lion fish; 10-12 jellyfishes!


There were stairs for people to sit down in front of the giant glass tank. And it was beautiful. We sat in front of the glass, just watching all the fishes and creatures swim by. Relaxing and peaceful.

Goofy pictures at the aquarium:


Couple more at the aquarium:



We visited the aquarium with early bird tickets and it was absolutely a good idea. By the time we were leaving, the whole place was packed and we would not be able to enjoy all the exhibitions or even the touch pools as much if we were to come later. If you were ever to visit the Georgia Aquarium, getting early bird tickets online is a better choice!


(Other than the Aquarium, we visited Buckhead as well. But mainly just the mall so we didn’t take many pictures. )




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