Monthly Archives: May 2017

First Summer Recipe: Lemon Chicken Piccata

Seriously, I have too much time on my hands now.

It’s been the second week of summer and without a constantly growing stack of work and papers waiting for me to finish, I feel so great and …. bored. Having anticipated¬†this dilemma, I have set two goals for myself: 1. Write blogs to document interesting moments and independent inquiries 2. COOK.

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My Freshman Year: Slap Me in My Face

It is the first week of summer. I am feeling like an overspeed express train stopping at a station: cooling down, blowing off the steam, and slowly loading up for another run. Now that I look back, I haven’t had such a peaceful and idle evening for a long time. It’s raining outside right now in Fort Lauderdale, and I am sitting in the swing chair in the living room, sipping on water. Continue reading