First Summer Recipe: Lemon Chicken Piccata

Seriously, I have too much time on my hands now.

It’s been the second week of summer and without a constantly growing stack of work and papers waiting for me to finish, I feel so great and …. bored. Having anticipated this dilemma, I have set two goals for myself: 1. Write blogs to document interesting moments and independent inquiries 2. COOK.

I have said this to my best friend Daun when she was interviewing me for her blog, Behind the Foods, that I have always wanted to be as good a cook as my mom, that I had been following her around in the kitchen when I was little, writing down every recipe she made in a little notebook, and in the end, of course, I lost that notebook. I only managed to duplicate a few dishes the way she did, only because I had the honor to practice under her supervision. So, given the time I have before I fly off to Israel in the beginning of June, LET’S COOK! (By the way, you guys should check out Daun’s blog. She is a much better writer than me and her blogs on food sometimes take on very unconventional angles. )

I got all of my recipe references off the website AllRecipes. It is a great website where you can either search for a specific type of dish from their vast database of recipes, or you can just browse through their daily recommendations. You can also upload your own recipes and add pictures of your own dish if you followed a specific recipe. Basically, it’s a Pinterests for recipes. Here is my collection if you want to check it out (still new)!

So the first recipe I decided to try to duplicate is Lemon Chicken Piccata. I made a dinner for three and got an above-average review.

I personally enjoy the sour and refreshing taste of the lemon and capers. The Italian parsley definitely adds a little bit of kick to it. My well-seasoned chicken pieces were “good enough to be eaten alone,” according to my guest. However, there were a few bumps along the road and here some tips for you if you decided to try it out:

Tip 1: Use more of every ingredient for the sauce to make sure you have enough of it

. I made a slightly bigger serving size than the reference recipe with additional pasta, so I ended up with not enough sauce for the three of us. I had to go back to the kitchen and make more sauce so that my guest didn’t have to eat dry pasta.

Tip 2: Add some sugar if you are not into sour taste.

With the lemon slices and lemon juice and the capers added into the mix, the sauce can turn out to be pretty sour. If you are not into it, either cut back on the lemon juice or add some sugar along the way.

Overall, my uncle, one of the judges, was pretty happy with the turnout and my guest was very satisfied. I was a little overwhelmed trying to make the pasta, make the sauce, bake the chicken, and cut the lemon while my guest comes into the kitchen to check on me once in a while all at the same time, but I am happy that I didn’t burn down the kitchen or poison our guest. If you ever happen to make Lemon Chicken Piccata, let me know how it turns out!

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