Furikake Salmon

Yesterday, I tried out the recipe of Furikake Salmon from Allrecipes.com. I apologize for the sad-looking pasta: I made them a bit too early and they were getting sticky by the time I get them out onto the plates.

Salmon: IMG_3892I strictly followed the reference recipe to make the salmon. It turned out to be delicious! For one of the ingredients, Furikake mix, I had to go to an Asian grocery market in order to get it. But if you don’t have the convenience for it, I would use sesame seeds and minced snack seaweed as substitute.

Also, make sure you get the salmon fillets that are already skinned! It was a lot of effort tying to skin the salmon by myself without cutting off half of my finger along with it.


In the original recipe, there is no pasta included. So I prepared an extra amount of honey and mayonnaise mix in order to make it into the sauce for the pasta. After the salmon is done, I added the mix into the pan, let it shimmer until it becomes more fluid. To make sure the whole dish is not overly sweet (the salmon is sweet), I added about 1/2 cup of chicken broth to make it a bit more savory. Let it shimmer for about 30s and it’s good to go!


Nothing about mango is mentioned in the reference recipe, but I believe it would be an awesome refresher to the whole plate as everything else is pretty much sweet. It was simple: after the sauce is done, throw in some diced mango into the pan, let it cook for about 1-2 min, until it changes color. That way, the mango has a bit of honey on the outside, while still fresh and juicy on the inside.

Overall it was a pretty successful venture into a slightly exotic recipe. If you happen to try it out, let me know how it goes!

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