I Finally Made a Perfect Omelette! & Lotus Root and Chicken Kidney Soup 鸡肾莲藕汤

As a huge egg lover, it has been a shame for me to have never been able to make a perfect breakfast omelette. But no more! The history has been rewritten! I made it!

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For I-don’t-even-remember-how-many times, I have always successfully turned what an attempt -to-be omelette into scrambled eggs. They were equally tasty but I was rather frustrated. After this first success, I concluded that the mistake I have been making is simple: I add too much.

Like my grandma likes to overstock her fridge, I like to over-prepare ingredients and just keep adding them into the pan. Every time, my pan is overflown with the egg mix that it simply couldn’t form a slid layer of omelette. However, yesterday morning, I refrained. I only mixed 3 eggs and made sure I only use just enough egg with the onions. And it turned out beautifully!

For dinner, I made Chinese soup with chicken kidneys and lotus root 鸡肾莲藕汤. It’s a rather authentic and simple recipe of home-made soup from Southern China. If you think the ingredients are too exotic to handle, feel free to skip ahead.

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I can do no wrong to home-made Chinese recipes as I grew up watching my mom preparing  our favorite dishes every day.

The steps are:

  1. Prepare the chicken kidneys. Cut lotus roots into consumable pieces. Prepare minced green onion and ginger slices.
  2. Boil the water in the pot, add the ginger slices. Wait for around 2 minutes.
  3. Add in the chicken kidneys till the water boils.
  4. Add in the lotus roots till the water boils.
  5. Adjust to simmer. Let it cook for at least half an hour or until the soup becomes translucent and savory.
  6. Add in the appropriate amount of salt as preferred.
  7. Add in the green onions, Gently stir. Cook for another 2-5 minutes or so。


  1. 准备好适量的鸡肾,切好适量的莲藕。青葱切块,两块姜片
  2. 在锅里煮开适量的水后加入姜片, 煮大概两分钟。
  3. 加入鸡肾,等水煮开。
  4. 加入莲藕,等水再次煮开
  5. 调至小火,煲至少半个小时。 让汤水变色以及有味。
  6. 加入适量的盐
  7. 加入青葱,稍微的搅拌, 在等大概2至5分钟。

That’s it!

You can always switch up the chicken kidneys to something else, such as chicken fillets or pork ribs.

Let me know if you decide to try it out! Also, if you have any tips on making a perfect omelette or a unique recipe for omelette, be sure to let this egg lover know!

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