Stir-fried Bitter Gourd 清炒苦瓜& Abalone Congee 鲍鱼粥

Last night’s dinner was nothing but authentic Chinese.

I made congee with abalone and some sea snails, and stir-fried some bitter gourd. I understand that the ingredients used in both of the recipes are quite unusual, but those are pretty common food for Southern Chinese. Feel free to take a look or skip ahead!

Bitter gourds are perfect for summer time: when cooked properly, the bitterness is cooling and offsets the saltiness of other dishes. They also have the benefits of lowering blood sugars and stimulate digestions.


It is only a little bit tricky to make sure to reduce the bitterness of them using salt and sugar. If you would like to make them crisp and yet juicy, stir-fry them using high power the whole time.

Congee has been my illness food for the longest time. I remember every time I was sick when I was little, my mom would always make congee: they are easy to swallow, digest, not greasy and fulfilling.


Tip 1:  When making congee with seafood, not much salt is needed as the seafood carries its own saltiness already.

Tip 2: The rice can take a while to cook so be sure to start ahead of time!

Tip 3: Let the water boil in the pot before putting the rice in, as well as remember to stir it from time to time, to make sure the rice won’t stick to the bottom of the pot at the end.

Hope you would enjoy them!

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