Second day in Tel Aviv: Along the beach

July 9th. Our only group activity was a luncheon at 2pm in Sarona market. The lunch went well with some amazing pasta and we didn’t get lost. We were smart enough to follow a big group. (I also paid for some data on my phone to make sure I do not stray in the city again.)

Screen Shot 2017-06-10 at 7.09.08 PM

This weekend is the big Gay Pride Weekend in Tel Aviv. Unfortunately, we missed the parade itself by the beach on Friday, but we walked along the beach and you can still grasp some excitement left from the parade.

The sands here are so much finer and softer than the ones in Miami beach. The entire beach is also very family-friendly. People bring their dogs to play with and children build sand castles with their parents.



This is a little busy street with an assortment of vendors selling creative art crafts, such as handmade necklaces and colored-glass door bells.


Something different from the U.S. is that there are a lot of cats straying outside. They could be stray cats or just owned cats chilling outside. But they are everywhere and not frightened by our presence at all. They all look so soft, so cute, and adorable. At the same time I am scared to pet them because I am sure they can take me down in one second with their adorable furry paws.


Random street views: Most of the café and restaurants offer outside sittings.


Beautiful sunset by the beach! (Feature my roommate and friend)


In the evening when I was trying to get some dinner downstairs, everything was closed due to shabah. I was able to find an Italian restaurant and had the best cheese & mushroom lasagna for takeout.


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