Fifth day: Summer Nights

June13. It was a pretty ordinary day at IDC learning about different Israeli companies and venture capital.

As you can the see the following picture, traveling is, indeed, exhausting.


But at night my friends and I went out to a small restaurant first and then a popular local bar.

The restaurant we stopped by is called Hamshulash. I had their Aperol Spritz and cheese cake. The cheese cake was great, not great for sweet-tooth people because it was light. But I do enjoy kind of puffy cheese cake.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 4.55.20 PM.png(Meshulash, Google Map)

aperol_1(Aperol Spritz. Google Images)


Then we stopped by a popular bar called Cerveza on Dizengoff St.

2(Cervaza, Barandpub)

My friends and I didn’t think we would be able to have a seat because we heard they are very busy and sometimes foreigners have troubles getting in. But as we were walking pass by, looking at all the people sitting outside of Cerveza, drinking, smoking, and having a good time, a man with heavy beard and smoking a e-cig asked us if we wanted a seat. I braked, and said “Can we, actually?” “Oh yeah! of course!”

Soon the four of us got a seat inside after the man said something to the young waiter next to him.


It was such a good time to sit around with my friends and talk about stupid stuffs.

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