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Some of my two cents.

Being sexy or sexualized?

To what point is being sexy no longer a sign of confidence? To what point are you just being sexy because the society tells you to?

To what point does flaunting your assets no longer serve a greater purpose of empowering women; But instead, it reinforces the need for a woman to use her body as a leverage and perpetuates the sexualization of women?”

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Why do you care about the Marshmallow Challenge?

June 25.

At some point in your life, you probably have played this game called “the Marshmallow Challenge” where you work in a small group, normally from 4-5 people. You are given 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and one marshmallow. Your goal is to build the highest free-standing tower possible with the marshmallow on top.

It sounds easy. But as a two-time player, I won neither times and stressed the hell out of it. Continue reading

What Does Hunger Do to Your Brain?

Every Tuesday and Thursday when I got off my classes at 1pm last semester, I would always scuttle back to my room with my head kept low. I didn’t want attention and I didn’t want to make conversations. There was simply one reason behind my unusually introverted behavior: I was getting “hangry”.

It took me a while to I realize that I suffer from severe “hangry syndrome”. It was surprising to see myself losing patience, losing my sense of humor, losing interest in whatever whoever has to say when I am hungry. The change in my mood before and after a meal is VERY drastic.

So that makes me wonder what causes this feeling of “hangriness”? What is happening to my brain?

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My Freshman Year: Slap Me in My Face

It is the first week of summer. I am feeling like an overspeed express train stopping at a station: cooling down, blowing off the steam, and slowly loading up for another run. Now that I look back, I haven’t had such a peaceful and idle evening for a long time. It’s raining outside right now in Fort Lauderdale, and I am sitting in the swing chair in the living room, sipping on water. Continue reading

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: A Man’s Mind

On Jan.6 of 2017, just a few days after the new year celebration when every visitor in Florida is ready to depart the Sunshine state and the airports were just about at their busiest, a shooting happened in Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in the luggage claim area, causing five deaths and eight seriously injured.

The tragic happened so close to me that the moment I heard it my hair stood up: every break I fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. I am more than familiar with my way around the luggage claim area. It was so hard to place such a nationally shocking and cold-blooded crime in a place so close to home. Continue reading