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What Does Hunger Do to Your Brain?

Every Tuesday and Thursday when I got off my classes at 1pm last semester, I would always scuttle back to my room with my head kept low. I didn’t want attention and I didn’t want to make conversations. There was simply one reason behind my unusually introverted behavior: I was getting “hangry”.

It took me a while to I realize that I suffer from severe “hangry syndrome”. It was surprising to see myself losing patience, losing my sense of humor, losing interest in whatever whoever has to say when I am hungry. The change in my mood before and after a meal is VERY drastic.

So that makes me wonder what causes this feeling of “hangriness”? What is happening to my brain?


Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting: A Man’s Mind

On Jan.6 of 2017, just a few days after the new year celebration when every visitor in Florida is ready to depart the Sunshine state and the airports were just about at their busiest, a shooting happened in Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport in the luggage claim area, causing five deaths and eight seriously injured.

The tragic happened so close to me that the moment I heard it my hair stood up: every break I fly in and out of Fort Lauderdale Airport. I am more than familiar with my way around the luggage claim area. It was so hard to place such a nationally shocking and cold-blooded crime in a place so close to home. (more…)